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Inline with The Institute of Osteopathy the clinic has taken the necessary precautions to keep both our clients and practitioners safe in this challenging time. We will take out weekly risk assessments and manage sessions in the following way.

In place are a number of things to keep both us and you safe.

-Each patient will undergo a pre treatment screening regarding their current health and if they have been in contact with anybody experiencing covid symptoms.

- On arrival to clinic patients will wait in their car until we come outside to invite you in.

- Before entering the clinic we will take your temperature, ask you to wash yours hands and will then provide you with anti bac gel to complete the hand sanitisation.

- Please leave everything in your car/at home for which you do not need in clinic, including jewellery/watches.

- We will be wearing a surgical face mask and a gown which will be sanitised between patients. Our thorough processes of hand washing and using anti bac gel will continue as normal.

- Please may we ask you to bring your own towel to clinic as we have removed all linen from the clinic to only have wipeable surfaces.

- If you have a face mask to wear we would encourage you to bring this too.

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